Square Rooter

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UX Design

We excel in brand strategy, UX, web design and development , so that your offering is engaging, memorable, and on-message. We work closely with clients to design things that delight. We think you'll like working with us.

Web Design

For your tailor-made website layout, enhance the corporate image, the website has more personality. Our project engineers can create a website program for your business needs from zero to none.

App Development

Mobile apps have become a must-have part of human life. App Development/Mobile App Development software development has become a battleground for the military. We are able to fully understand your needs and tailor the most suitable software for you!


Create a personalized online store for our customers. We will first collect data according to the customer's industry, and then draft the draft according to your company's industry, requirements, LOGO and other considerations.

Big Data

We are excelling in Data mining , collection and analysis. Our Big Data service helps different enterprise to keep track of the business traffic. Also help our customers to manage their business operation more effectively.

Start-up Cooperation

Providing good e-Business solution for every Start-up. E.g. IoT , E-commerce Application , Application Design , etc. Helping customer to grow the business into taking off further.

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